MetaMatrix is a universe of interconnected virtual worlds, a place where you can create, connect, and build valuable experiences.

Moduluc is your trusted partner in the creation, operation, and maintenance of unique virtual worlds. We cater specifically to businesses and communities, ensuring they thrive in open metaverse.

Elevate Your Business

Transform Your Vision into immersive experiences with Moduluc: Turning Businesses into Thriving Digital Communities

Product Marketing

Elevate your eCommerce and Product Marketing with Immersive Applications: Engage, Inspire, and Convert in the Metaverse with Moduluc.

Web3 Communities

Unleash the Power of MetaMatrix: Create Immersive Web3 Metaverse Experiences and Foster Engaging Communities.


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Features & Options

It’s a game-changer. Imagine a world crafted with a business-first approach, every detail tailored to your specific needs. Now, imagine that world being infinitely scalable and customizable. Sounds too good to be true, right? But with Moduluc, that’s exactly what you get.

Real-time Daylight System​

It’s about amplifying the sense of authenticity. By accurately mimicking the day’s natural light cycle, we make virtual environments feel more realistic, more tangible, and ultimately, more engaging.

AiriA Daylight

Massive Asset Library​​

It’s about amplifying the sense of designed with precision and loaded with intricate details; these assets are truly a notch above the rest. Even better, they’re perfectly optimized for real-time immersive applications. This means you can create lifelike, engaging environments without a hitch.


But guess what?

MEGOs are included!​


No matter what your project requires, rest assured you’ll find just the right piece in our library. Designing a virtual landscape has never been this straightforward and fun. Just like building with LEGO, you can mix and match MEGO assets to create intricate virtual scenes. Whether you want to construct a bustling city or a serene forest, our MEGO assets make it as easy as child’s play.

Transform your designs from plain to extraordinary

Photorealistic Textures

When it comes to creating immersive experiences, textures make a world of difference. At Moduluc, we understand this, which is why our assets come with photorealistic and highly detailed textures. These are not your run-of-the-mill, bland textures. They are intricate, rich, and lifelike. Get ready to create with textures that are as real as it gets!

AiriA Texture


Moduluc’s UIKit is your magic wand to make every experience truly unique, yet comfortably familiar for all MetaMatrix network users. It’s designed for easy customization, allowing you to give a personal touch to your creations without any hassle.

Need a management tool? We have you covered!

eCommerce Connector

Easy-to-use tools just for you. You can manage your products easily from one place – our friendly online platform. Plus, with our unique tools, you can also make your products look extra cool in the virtual world. Whether you’re a creator or a business owner, with Moduluc, you’re all set for success in the exciting world of online and virtual commerce.

Products 01

Ecosystem Benefits

MetaMatrix Ecosystem offers Unparalleled Creativity, Growth, and Interactivity.

Moduluc Exchange System

MES allows for effortless merging and upgrading of different metaverse spaces.

Continuous Development

We're always innovating, ensuring our platform and its features are up-to-date and ever-evolving to suit your needs.

Extended Asset Library

Enjoy unlimited access to our vast and growing library of assets, helping you craft exceptional virtual experiences.

Interconnected Experiences

Being part of Moduluc means joining the MetaMatrix ecosystem, a network of interconnected experiences, and a thriving user community.

Plethora of experiences

MetaMatrix Experience Portal

Growing catalog for the virtual worlds. Just like scrolling through YouTube, you can effortlessly explore a wide range of immersive experiences and events tailor-made for the metaverse. It’s a unique opportunity to engage with your customers, interact with your community, and witness your creations come to life in new and exciting ways.

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