Beyond the Block: Exploring the Multifaceted Upgrades of Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.2.0

With the overhaul of default blocks and a slew of enhancements from the new real-time thumbnail system to enhanced UI design, this release marks a significant leap forward, empowering creators with more flexibility and control than ever before. Dive into the future of design with Moduluc Studio's latest, most innovative update yet.


In the latest update to Moduluc Studio, we are excited to introduce a suite of new features, significant user interface improvements, comprehensive bug fixes, and technical enhancements designed to elevate your creative experience. This post delves into the specifics of each update, showcasing how they contribute to a more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable design process within Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.2.0. From advanced MEGO block creation to the introduction of vertical capturing mode (v-Mode), and from streamlined inventory UI design to critical performance improvements, we’re committed to making Moduluc Studio the ultimate tool for creators. Join us as we explore the details of these exciting developments and how they can transform your creative workflow.

Combined Nature Assets in Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.2.0

New Features

  • Crafting Custom Blocks: Creators now can create their own custom blocks out of up to nine MEGOs inside one block! Scaling, rotating and moving MEGOs inside the assembly blocks are allowed!
  • Vertical and Square Capturing Mode (v-Mode): Includes a smaller QA bar for vertical capturing, with guides and an overlay for the rest of the screen, enhancing vertical and square content creation for various social media platforms.
  • Empty World option for all tiers: Now, creators have the flexibility to select between an empty world or a pre-populated map with default blocks for all map sizes directly from the Create screen, thanks to a new toggle option. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new map size that doubles the dimensions of our previously largest map, offering an expansive 1024×1024 block area for even grander creations!
  • New Assets: We’ve expanded our asset library with 130 new additions, enhancing existing categories with items such as corner assets and stairs, alongside introducing new assets that include basic geometries.
MEGO Studio in Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.2.0

User Interface Improvements

  • User Interface Redesigned: The inventory system has been entirely revamped to feature three panels simultaneously, enhancing creators’ productivity and ease of use. This update provides simultaneous access to the Asset panel, Studio panel, and Craft panel, streamlining the creative process and accelerating workflow.
  • User Interface Optimization: Load times and switching times across all inventory modes have been significantly improved, ensuring virtually seamless transitions between MEGO, MEGA, Material, and Stamp modes. Additionally, the inventory panel now efficiently handles thousands of assets in real time, eliminating lag for a smoother user experience.
Revamped Inventory System in Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.2.0

Technical Enhancements

  • Performance and Stability Improvements:
    • Enhance game performance by up to 10% while also reducing scene load times (varies depending on the device used).
    • Improved real-time responsiveness in material and stamp modes, even when loading thousands of 4k-quality textures.
  • Asset Manipulation: Creators can now assign materials to nature assets including foliage.
  • Thumbnails and Inventory Enhancements: Thumbnails for assets sampled from the scene or crafted assembly blocks are now automatically generated, accurately reflecting the appearance and material of the actual asset.
Photorealistic Water System and all new MEGO assets in Moduluc Studio

Bug Fixes

  • Scene Issues:
    • Resolved issues with default blocks appearing in empty scenes or after reloading.
    • Fixed disproportionate scaling for combined assets and resolved grid issues during block placement.
    • Fixed the issue where the fly speed would reset when transitioning to swim mode, even though the settings showed accurate values.
  • Material and Texture Application Fixes:
    • Addressed problems with emissive sliders, stamp emissive, and color overlays.
    • Fixed issues where material changes were not loaded or applied correctly, especially with custom MEGOs.
    • Resolved z-fighting in nature assets like rocks and issues with applying materials to nature MEGOs.
    • Resolved the issue where the emissive effects and color overlays fail to function when fonts are utilized as textures for stamps.


These updates aim to refine the user experience, expand creative possibilities, and improve the overall stability and performance of Moduluc Studio. Download the latest version of Moduluc Studio and let the adventure of building begin!

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