Introducing Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.0.0 – A Universe Architect for Web2 & Web3

Discover Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.0.0, blending Unreal Engine 5's realism with a rich MEGO asset library and intuitive design tools. Quickly craft and share digital worlds with pre-built templates and Experience Mode, unlocking new possibilities in creative design.


We are excited to announce the release of Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.0.0, a groundbreaking platform that blends photorealistic quality and user-friendly design tools to revolutionize the way creators build for Web2 and Web3. Here’s a closer look at what this first version brings to the table:


Core Features

  • Built on Unreal Engine 5: Experience the pinnacle of photorealistic quality for immersive environments.
  • MEGO Asset Library: Access over 1000 modular 3D assets to construct anything from realistic architectural designs to imaginative Sci-Fi worlds.
  • Material Collection: A vast array of over 3000 scanned 4k-resolution materials, offering everything from natural surfaces to stylized textures.
  • Stamps and Decals: Enhance your designs with over 8000 stamps and decals, ranging from detailed logos to unique Sci-Fi elements.

Design and Customization Tools

  • Material Studio: Craft your own custom materials easily, suitable for all skill levels.
  • Stamp Studio: Import, customize, and create unique stamps and images, fostering unparalleled creativity.
  • MEGA Blueprint System: Efficiently combine MEGO assets into pre-made components for faster and more streamlined building.
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Advanced Functionality

  • Crafting System: Develop custom MEGO blocks, materials, and stamps, and add them to your personal Craft library for use in current and future projects.
  • Integrated Commands: Easily apply mood settings, change time, and utilize camera presets to tailor your experience, with options to save and share your creations.
  • Technology Pack: Includes advanced features like a teleportation system, enriching the interactive aspect of your projects.

Templates and Sharing

  • Pre-Built Templates: Get started quickly with default templates for world sizes and several sample builds for both inspiration and learning.
  • Experience Mode: Share your creative works in a read-only format using Moduluc’s cloud services, allowing others to explore your creations.

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