Introducing Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.1.0 – Unlock creativity with Beyond Realism tools.

It's innovation designed to amplify your productivity and creativity: Experience lifelike water visuals, streamlined automation, intuitive UI enhancements, and unparalleled performance boosts.


In the dynamic world of Metaverse development and gaming, the quest for innovative and powerful world-building tools is endless. Our latest update, Moduluc Studio Alpha V1.1.0,  sets a new benchmark for creators and developers in the Metaverse and gaming sectors, offering a suite of enhancements designed to supercharge creativity and streamline the design process. With an emphasis on photorealistic environments, intuitive user interfaces, and robust functional capabilities, this release is engineered to empower users to craft immersive, complex worlds with unprecedented ease. Whether you’re sculpting vast landscapes or detailing intricate assets, Moduluc Studio is your gateway to pushing the boundaries of digital creation in the gaming universe and beyond.


Content & Assets

The expansion of our content library with new assets marks a leap forward in diversifying the tools available for Metaverse and gaming projects. These additions are meticulously curated to enhance the depth and realism of virtual worlds, providing creators with the building blocks needed to construct diverse and engaging environments.


  • Add photorealistic water to enhance visual appeal.
  • Bring new furniture, sculpture, and nature assets to enrich the environment (experimental).
Photorealistic Water System in Moduluc Studio

Interface & Usability

Our dedication to improving user interaction shines through in this update, with interface enhancements and usability optimizations aimed at making world-building in the Metaverse and gaming environments as intuitive as possible. By reducing friction and enabling smoother creative flows, we’re helping you to translate your visionary concepts into reality faster and more efficiently.


  • Allow continuous block placement or removal by holding right or left click.
  • Assign a single material to an entire block with multiple surfaces by holding Alt and clicking.
  • Allow creators to assign stamps to the whole MEGO block by pressing “P”.
  • Place the imported media category in a fixed spot above the plus icon for easy access.
  • Change Ctrl for inventory switch to Radial menu for an intuitive interface.
  • Allow moving MEGA with arrows in preview mode for precise positioning.
  • Add selection to hovered QA bar with “i” for quicker access to quality assurance tools.
  • Update splash screen images to refresh the application’s visual appeal.
Radial Menu for Inventory System in Moduluc Studio

Functional Enhancements

This update introduces a range of functional enhancements tailored to the needs of Metaverse creators and game developers. From dynamic environmental controls to advanced asset management features, these improvements are designed to offer greater flexibility and control, enabling the creation of complex, interactive worlds that captivate users.


  • Command to animate the daytime cycle with speed rate adjustment (24h > 1h) for realistic time passage.
  • Add a command for increasing fly speed up to 10k for faster navigation.
  • Deleting multiple selected blocks through a bounding box selection or individually in MEGA mode, enhancing editing efficiency.
  • Increase MEGA placement interaction range with a separate slider in the Settings.
  • Include commands like /QA.MEGO.Clear, /QA.Materials.Clear, /QA.MEGA.Clear  and /QA.Stapms.Clear to clear the QA bar in one go.
  • New Command: /Spawn.Block.Under to allow placing a block anywhere in the scene under the player’s foot.
  • Introduce a Swim state for a more immersive experience.
  • More granular control while exporting from the main menu, offering the option to keep imported images/stamps in the scene but hidden from the inventory, for in-game discovery only.
Animate the Daytime Cycle in Moduluc Studio

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Acknowledging the importance of reliability and performance in the Metaverse and gaming development, we’ve focused on addressing critical bugs and optimizing our platform’s efficiency. These improvements ensure a more stable and responsive environment for creators, facilitating the smooth execution of even the most ambitious projects.


  • Resolve the issue where textures are lost on cubes with multiple sides/Material IDs, ensuring consistent visual quality.
  • Fix the bug where some MEGOs got mirrored on MEGA placement, maintaining asset integrity.
  • Adjust the footstep sound volume issue, enhancing audio control.
  • Add sound for clicking R (Random placement mode) for auditory feedback.
  • Resolve the 20Mb limitation for imported images, accommodating larger files for more detailed environments.
  • Commands adjustment: Change /Spawn.StartingBlock to /Spawn.Block.Start for consistency in command structure.
MEGA Placement in in Moduluc Studio

Our latest release is more than just an update; it’s a leap forward in the evolution of Metaverse and gaming development tools. By continuously enhancing Moduluc platform’s capabilities, we aim to support the creation of rich, dynamic worlds that resonate with users and push the boundaries of digital experiences. We invite creators and developers to explore these new features and join us in shaping the future of the Metaverse and gaming landscapes. Your feedback and creations inspire us to keep innovating and expanding our horizons, ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of digital world-building technology.

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