Moduluc and Blockciti Partnership: Redefining the Metaverse Landscape with Premium LAND Benefits

Blockciti, the first Moduluc Partner, brings a multi-chain Land Metaverse with unparalleled landowner benefits.

Moduluc + Blockciti 01

We won’t lie to you; we are as excited as you are about this one. The following details are released after years of strategizing,  discussions with lawyers, consultations with industry leaders, and long days of hard work to make it possible.

Without beating around the bush anymore, let’s get right to it!


Blockciti is back as a separate entity, and Moduluc’s first fully web3 partner.

In the last article, we explained that Moduluc’s web2 Roblox-esque game builder was changing names from Blockciti to Moduluc Studio. This is because Blockciti is now a separately-owned, fully web3, Land Metaverse company that will use the powerful Moduluc Studio to create a rich, photorealistic, immersive, and ultimately massive world with limitless potential. Moduluc Marketplace will be the hub for assets, and they can be converted to NFT or paid/licensed via MODUL to use or trade in the Blockciti web3 setting – just like all web3 partners.


Due to potential regulatory concerns, separating from Moduluc and moving to a web3-friendly setting was a clear choice. Blockciti can now fully embrace the tech and currency that a robust metaverse needs not only to succeed, but thrive without constantly looking over its shoulder.


The expansive Blockciti map will consist of approximately 20,000 LAND plots on Solana chains and planned 20,000 LAND plots on the Ethereum chain and will be categorized into 11 distinct tier sizes. 


Under the agreement between Moduluc and Blockciti, the only way to get Blockciti LAND, for now, is to swap from AiriA…

Blockciti Map on Solana Chain including Functional Zoning (to be updated)

Why should AiriA holders care?

Because this is for you.


AiriA will be reborn, giving holders the blue chip NFT you have all been waiting for, with the potential for something even greater. 


Moduluc will allow holders of all AiriA tiers to swap their tiers for Blockciti LAND.


This is the future of Moduluc NFT ownership.


Based on the agreement between Moduluc and Blockciti, the Blockciti map will be allocated exclusively for AiriA holders. These holders will be able to swap their existing tiers for LAND plots of the same size on the Blockciti map. The location on the map will be randomized within the allocated map section.


Each Tier Gets a 2x Size Increase + T0

With each plot doubling in size, including T1, the old T1 land size will be used to onboard the masses as a minimal version called T0.


T0 will be claimable for a minimal MODUL fee, and will not have a supply cap. It will be a separate collection on a separate marketplace page to protect the FP of the actual tiers, but they will be tradable to make it more attractive for web3 degens.

Reserved lands on Blockciti map for Moduluc AiriA swap (to be updated)

Will there be any extra LANDs?


* The only way to get Blockciti LAND for now is to swap from AIRIA. Currently, Blockciti has chosen not to mint any higher tier LANDs, opting instead to make them accessible exclusively through upgrades. This makes these tiers exceedingly rare, providing current AiriA holders another huge advantage over everyone else who joins after the migration is over.



What about MODUL?


Migrating to Blockciti will cost 25k MODUL per tier, so AiriA holders should decide if they want to migrate multiple smaller tiers, or use their MODUL to upgrade to a higher tier first, and then migrate after. This exchange will be a swap, NOT an airdrop.


It’s important to note that each partner, including Blockciti, retains the autonomy to issue their own tokens and define their financial strategies. In line with this, Blockciti plans to launch its own utility token, BLOX, at a later date but, Blockciti will use MODUL for the foreseeable future.


*As Moduluc’s official web3 partner, Blockciti leverages Moduluc’s products and services, which are primarily transacted using MODUL. This arrangement not only highlights Blockciti’s utilization of Moduluc’s advanced technology and services for its metaverse development and expansion, but also emphasizes the close collaboration and interdependence between the two platforms. Consequently, MODUL serves as the primary currency for MWS services (including AUS), reflecting the integrated and mutually beneficial relationship between Blockciti and Moduluc.



  • LANDs will be available to trade on marketplaces shortly after the swap is initiated.
  • The swap will be open for a maximum of 3 months if needed.
  • Current maps of Blockciti reflect only planned Solana plots, and the map is subject to change as LAND on other chains are added in currently blank areas or extensions of the map.
  • LAND on chains other than Solana are not included in the 20k plots and will raise the supply by another 20k. Schedule for the snapshots and the extra LAND claims will be announced later.
“BUSINESS TIERS” LAND on Blockciti (pending updates)

The BUSINESS TIERS: Map Dominance and Wealth Creation



While we designed Tiers 01-05 to be owned and utilized by individuals (AKA Personal Tiers), Tiers 06 and up are marked for something bigger. The BUSINESS TIERS will be the hubs for metaverse commerce, highly coveted mechanisms of wealth creation, and mostly hard to attain for any one individual. This is why giving AiriA holders the ability to swap now gives them the ultimate head-start before businesses and even larger corporations make their move to dominate the metaverse commerce landscape.


In addition to all the highest existing benefits, holders of Tier 06, Tier 07, Tier 08, Tier 09, Tier 10, and Tier X, the “BUSINESS TIERS”, will receive something that will be coveted and fought over for years to come.


In an exponential increase, Tier 06-X will receive the keys to their own kingdoms – hundreds to thousands of land plots to mint out and rule over as they choose. This applies to each Tier, not per holder, meaning a single holder could control multiple maps or worlds. 


These subsets of land won’t be on the main Blockciti map, but can be accessed as a second layer. These L2-allocated plots can be minted out after the layer 01 LAND plots on Solana (20k) are all sold (in 12-months period). BUSINESS TIERS holders receive all mint revenue minus operational & logistic fees to issue the LAND.


BUSINESS TIERS holders can use the full suite of Moduluc and Blockciti web services to run their fiefdom, including Blockciti Map Engine for an easy and web-based map generation process at a reasonable fee. They can run their own Discord server and rally their followers in any direction they choose and will be responsible to operating their own LAND project.


And AiriA holders have first dibs…

Blockciti Tiers - Update 01
Blockciti LAND chart

Oh, and one last thing, AUS upgrades up to Tier 10 will become available BEFORE the migration. This also means that if you missed out on higher tiers during the last set of upgrades, you will have one last opportunity to get one potentially. This becomes even more important considering the BUSINESS TIERS benefits we just revealed. 


If you’re a TL/DR individual:

  • Blockciti is now a web3 metaverse land project, and a separate entity from Moduluc. 
  • Blockciti will use Moduluc Studio and Moduluc Web Services as Partners for creating and operating around 20k to 40k land parcels on the Blockciti map.
  • AiriA holders can exchange Tiers for identical tier LAND plots in Blockciti. 
  • Holders of Solana LANDs will also receive identical tier lands on Ethereum chain (subject to demand)!
  • The BUSINESS TIERS (T06 and up) will also receive the right to issue LANDS to mint out and rule over, and can use Moduluc Studio and MWS to build and operate their map and sustain their world. 
  • AiriA upgrades will open before the migration, up to T10. 



Disclaimer: Terms of Swapping Moduluc AiriA NFTs for Blockciti LAND NFTs

For holders of Moduluc AiriA NFTs considering the option to swap their AiriA NFTs for Blockciti LAND NFTs, it is important to be aware of the following terms:

  1. Forfeiture of AiriA NFT Benefits: Choosing to swap your Moduluc AiriA NFT for a Blockciti LAND NFT will result in the forfeiture of any current and future benefits associated with the AiriA NFT. This includes any perks, privileges, or advantages linked to owning an AiriA NFT or any ongoing or future engagements with Moduluc as a company.
  2. Receipt of LAND: In exchange for your AiriA NFT, you will receive a LAND from Blockciti. It is crucial to understand that this LAND represents a commitment to provide a LAND NFT in Blockciti, which is a distinct and separate entity from Moduluc.
  3. Separation of Entities: The swap transaction marks a transfer of asset and benefit rights from Moduluc to Blockciti. Once the swap is completed, the resulting LAND will be tied exclusively to Blockciti, with no remaining affiliations or benefits from Moduluc.
  4. Responsibility for Chain Fees: Individuals claiming LAND on other chains (e.g., Ethereum) will be responsible for covering any associated fees, such as Gas fees. Moduluc will not bear these costs.
  5. L2 LAND Issuing Right: Issuing and minting LANDs on L2 by BUSINESS TIERS will be contingent upon all LANDs from Tier 01 to Tier X being acquired either through the BUS (Blockciti Upgrade System) or sold on the market within a 12-month period. While this timeframe may be reevaluated, such a review is not assured.


We strongly advise all Moduluc AiriA NFT holders to thoroughly consider this information and understand the implications of the swap before proceeding. This disclaimer is provided to ensure full transparency and to assist our community members in making informed decisions.

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