Moduluc Studio: The Intersection of Web2’s Minecraft/Roblox and the Web3 Universe

Moduluc Studio: Not just a game builder, but a universe architect for Web2 & Web3. Create diverse worlds, venture into e-commerce, and more – it's the next-gen of Minecraft/Roblox for today's digital era.


In this article, we’ll expound upon Moduluc Studio’s capabilities, as well as the modular approach that Moduluc is taking with its products and services and how seamlessly users can integrate them.


First, let’s address the elephant in the room that some of you might have noticed. We previously announced the upcoming release of a photorealistic Minecraft-like game app called Blockciti. Moduluc Studio IS that game builder now, and we’ve made the name change official. But it isn’t just a game anymore, it’s so much more.


Moduluc Studio will be that Minecraft/Roblox force for the web2 gamer, but it can also be used for the creation of worlds, eCommerce businesses… basically anything you can think of in a web2 sense.


In addition, Moduluc offers the Moduluc Studio software to empower web3 “Partner Projects” to build their metaverse experiences using Moduluc Studio. Furthermore, thanks to the modular characteristics of Moduluc Studio, partner projects can customize and extend Moduluc Studio to their unique use cases. In short, Moduluc Studio is becoming THE builder gamer/software available to all of the Moduluc partners to create games, experiences, and business applications in the web2 and web3 context. These experiences, or stores, or whatever, will eventually make up a massive network called the MetaMatrix – a universe of interconnected virtual worlds, a place where you can create, connect, and build valuable experiences. (Yes, yes. Article to come on that, too). 


We call Moduluc Studio “limitless” because we won’t put any limits on how web3 Partner Projects decide to customize or enhance the Moduluc builder. Maybe they make a better version of what we have to offer, or maybe they make a product that blows us, and everyone else, out of the water. This isn’t a problem for Moduluc, because this strategy brings more users to Moduluc, more traffic to our marketplace, and more cash flow to the company—a true win-win scenario bred from unselfishness.

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As the company name implies, each aspect of Moduluc’s products and services is modular, meaning it can be pieced together with Moduluc Studio or other pieces to create an entire world, or simply a game to play with your avatar. Each piece can “talk” with each other in a living ecosystem where software, assets, and payments flow in harmony. So, let’s talk about modules.


  • MEGO – Moduluc’s LEGO. MEGOs might be default assets from Moduluc, purchased in the Moduluc Marketplace, or designed and sold by users and artists. MEGOs can even be converted to NFTs to trade or use outside of Moduluc. Whatever you can think of can be converted to a MEGO using Moduluc Bridge (Did I say Moduluc Bridge? I wasn’t supposed to talk about that yet. You heard NOTHING!).


  • AVATA – Where would a metaverse be without its avatars? AVATA app will allow you to design your own hyper-realistic digital persona to journey everywhere throughout Moduluc’s realms and all of Moduluc’s partner projects, including web2 and web3 experiences. Avatars can be those built by Moduluc or other web3 projects, or even licensed characters from movies, games, etc. AVATA will be THE go-to app of the metaverse to build & customize your avatar and enter it inside a game or metaverse experience.


  • Moduluc Marketplace – The asset hub of the metaverse & gaming experiences, this web2 marketplace will be the lifeblood of asset commerce in the Moduluc ecosystem. Assets can be bought here for use in the web2 Moduluc platform. Additionally, web3 users can purchase and convert assets to NFT in order to use them outside of Moduluc in partner projects or even trade them.


  • Upcoming web3 Integrations – Moduluc will continue adding software and services that empower web3 projects to build using the Moduluc tech stack efficiently and reliably. Some of these planned integrations are: 
    • web3 authentication system
    • Asset Exchange and Upgrade System
    • web3 payment system
    • web3 identity system
    • web3-specific extensions and integrations for eCommerce, education, and much more …

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Moduluc Studio is the backbone of everything that we have built thus far. Everything else in the ecosystem will use it, run through it, or connect with it. Both our web2 and web3 presences will rely on its world-beating tech to create the spaces and experiences that we will all call the metaverse one



– – – 


If you haven’t figured it out already, every time we reveal a piece of Moduluc’s future, we end up letting a few more exciting pieces fall out of the bag. Safe to say, we’re just going to keep pumping these articles out if that’s OK with you.


And speaking of the next article, we will say this:


It will most likely be the most important and exciting announcement/article that AiriA holders have ever received.

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