Merging Web2 and Web3 in Gaming & Metaverse

By handing the power to the users, Moduluc’s reach will go beyond what was ever possible with Roblox, allowing creators and players to build their own games, create and sell their own assets and even (gasp) build rival applications.


Moduluc: The Full Send Moment is Here

By handing the power to the users, Moduluc’s reach will go beyond what was ever possible with Roblox, allowing creators and players to build their own games, create and sell their own assets and even (gasp) build rival applications.


Something is coming.

If the bear market we are emerging from has taught us anything, it’s that there are those who roll over in adversity, and those who persevere through it. Moduluc has been building and reinventing quietly throughout, and if you are just finding out about us now – you’re right on time!

If you’re new to the game, we’ll start by quickly summing up what Moduluc is – if possible. Moduluc is a Metaverse Technology Company with a focus on building the highest quality and photorealistic metaverse experiences across genres such as gaming, e-commerce, and more. Beyond that, the company has created a suite of high-powered tools that will empower gamers, businesses, communities, and artists to build their own experiences and content – with zero limitations.


This is the first in a series of articles revealing everything we have been planning, building, and implementing over the past several years. This article will focus on an important series of decisions that have been made to ensure the growth and future adoption that we are heading towards. It’s going to be A LOT, and it’s going to be really, really exciting!

So, you think you know what Moduluc has planned? Tell your secretary to hold all your calls for the next ten minutes. If you don’t have a secretary, go get one. Or airplane mode.


This article will cover:

– Moduluc web2 > Roblox

– Moduluc L1 and L2

– The Mass Adoption Solution


1. Moduluc is the Next, Better, Roblox

We fully realize the boldness of this statement, and we don’t care. Going forward, we’ll use Roblox as an example with which to compare, contrast, and ultimately better understand the products and goals that Moduluc is bringing to market.

Like Roblox, users will be able to use Moduluc’s modular tech stack to create their own virtual worlds, games, and experiences to enjoy and share with their friends.

This is pretty much where the similarities end. Let’s talk about the three most exciting differences now.

Quality – While Roblox allows users the freedom to play on a browser, this limits the quality of the assets, avatars, and interaction. This is a massive handcuff for the company moving forward, as any attempt to move away from its current “low-res” look would mean losing all the kids playing on their dad’s Chromebook browsers. And kids under 13 make up 50% of its user base. Maybe Roblox is fine with simply maintaining its current visual style and user base, but Moduluc wants all the users.

Moduluc’s tech stack is built upon Unreal Engine 5, which is THE most powerful game engine in the world for photorealistic visuals and immersive experiences. Where Roblox launched with an accessibility-first focus, Moduluc is set up for quality now, with a runway toward accessibility firmly in place.

User Empowerment – Unlike Roblox, which has strictly dictated who can make changes to their platform, and what can and can’t be altered, Moduluc will empower users to build and improve upon its builder platform to make experiences, games and experiences outside Moduluc platform. Instead of cracking down on ingenuity and entrepreneurship, Moduluc will encourage and support it.

Use Cases – Roblox has its games, its game builder, and its marketplace. Moduluc will too, but that’s only where it begins. Think photorealistic stores with life-like products that actually look real when you get close up. Think educational experiences that you don’t have to leave your home to feel like you’ve experienced the real thing. The limit is whatever people can create, since there are no customization restrictions and no corporate slugs trying to keep all profits in-house.


2. Moduluc’s Got Layers

When talking about Moduluc, it’s easier to understand how everything works by specifying the difference between L1 and L2. Just like Roblox, all of Moduluc’s tech stack and services, basically anything used in the process of experience or game creation, is considered L1.

Anything created from L1, such as a game or an immersive store is considered L2, because it is drawing from L1 both in initial creation and continued sustenance.

Moduluc’s building platform is just the beginning of the products available to a user. Moduluc Web Services (MWS), which includes an Identity System, Game Server Services, upcoming Cloud GPU and Cloud Storage services, as well as Moduluc Exchange System (exchange, upgrade or downgrade assets) will offer customers & partner platforms who build using Moduluc’s tech stack, a full suite of options to not only build a world, but to fill it and grow it. This piece of L1 ensures continued reliance upon all of Moduluc’s tech and services.



Moduluc L1Moduluc L2
  • Games created on the Moduluc platform by individuals or studios
  • Moduluc Creation Suit          (software and apps – similar to Roblox)
  • Moduluc Web Services (MWS), which includes an Identity System, Game Server Services, upcoming Cloud GPU and Cloud Storage services, as well as Moduluc Exchange System (exchange, upgrade or downgrade assets)
  • Web2 & web3 Projects (individuals, communities, brands, and businesses) using Moduluc Creation Suit for world creation, AVATA for avatar creation, Moduluc Marketplace to source assets, etc.
  • Projects using Moduluc Web Services (MWS) to extend their platform features & functionality for a specific business use cases.


3. The Master Plan for Mass Adoption

When it comes to gaming, something that has never been done successfully is the messy mixing of web2 and web3. The reasons are numerous, with serious gamers balking at the idea of NFTs and crypto, and the web3 crowd complaining that they can’t run a photorealistic game on an iPad. Instead of trying to make everyone happy in the same way, the better solution is to divide and conquer, something that has never been tried before.


This is the plan:

  1. Moduluc will have a web2-only gaming experience to accelerate mass adoption and remove friction. web2 users want price stability, familiar payment experience and (generally) dislike crypto. The answer here is clear: fiat only. Leave the gaming to the gamers, and make it seem familiar and friendly.
  2. At the same time, in parallel, Moduluc will serve existing and upcoming web3 metaverse and gaming platforms and will empower brands, businesses, and communities to use Moduluc Creative Suite (more on this in the NEXT article) to build their own customized metaverse and gaming experiences. These users will be called “Moduluc Partners.” Basically, these partners will be molding the way the Moduluc platform works to better serve whatever purposes they have. Like repurposing a factory that makes cars to make spaceships instead.
  3. Moduluc Marketplace will be a bustling web2 marketplace with Fiat payments. As we pointed out above, it’s clear that in order to appease web2 gamers and users, good old fiat is the way to go. Regardless of the type of L2 user, web2 or web3, Moduluc Marketplace aims to be the prominent marketplace for everything metaverse (3d assets, 2d assets, automation scripts, design blueprints, world builds, etc.).
  4. All the assets from Moduluc marketplace can be converted to NFT via token for use in partner projects outside the Moduluc platform and can be traded freely.
  5. “Moduluc Partners” can adopt MODUL as their payment method.
  6. In some scenarios, partner projects HAVE to use MODUL in order to benefit from the full suite of software and services, including some of the services from MWS or when they need to build DeFi applications using Moduluc software and hardware stacks.



Moduluc web2Moduluc web3
  • Moduluc Studio – think Roblox Studio with people creating games.
  • Moduluc – think Roblox with people playing games.
  • Moduluc Marketplace
  • Web3 Partners’ Projects using Moduluc Studio and suite of services to create a version of Moduluc or extend it which serves their use case.
  • Projects look like web2, but use web3 tech and can and will use web3 tokens…(more later)


blockciti 01

“Divide and Conquer”™ (not the official name, nor trademarked) will add to Moduluc’s user base in two very different yet effective ways while avoiding conflict. This will be a drastically more scalable approach compared to existing models that are confining their tokens and assets within a walled garden, instead of expanding the horizon and potential use cases and adoptions.

We will take advantage of all the innovations, composability, and efficiencies of web3 and blockchain layers behind the scenes and adopt a web3-first workflow and processes and payment methods to allow web3 partners to use our technology stacks and services.


WARNING: This has never been done before!


In Conclusion, But Really Just the Beginning!

Change is hard, but can drive progress. Or, in this case, supercharge it. We are proud of our ability to change gears and reinvent when the need calls for it. And by the looks of it, we could not be releasing these products at a better time!

Ready for more? Stand by for the next article showcasing Moduluc’s powerful metaverse builder, Moduluc Studio!

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