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the premier social experience in the metaverse

Use the dynamic building tools in enviro
to make your fully customized room,

and experience it with your friends and guests in AIrIA. AIrIA is loaded with multiplayer and social features to make Moduluc a true metaverse experience

Core Features


the heart of the social experience



AIrIA comes loaded with two chat features which allow for universal communication for all users. There will be a chat room feature for the entire room, and a private dialogue feature for those directly engaging within the metaverse


Voice chat and communication experience within AIrIA

Experience real world conversation physics

Whether in a virtual meeting or at a metaverse party, distance from audio source or person talking dictates volume using attenuation radius integration

The most advanced and highest quality avatar
to match you high fidelity environment

Don't have a custom AVATA,
choose from a default library to represent you

Advanced features

Marketplace and storefronts

After creating your ideal business layout in enviro, port it to AIrIA and bring on the customers!

Auction house

Smart contracts to allow for real-time bidding and sales (limited to higher tiers)

Additional features

Streaming and movies
Ticketing system
User analytics