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PRMS Token

$PRMS is an SPL utility token that will be used for various functions inside the Parametrise ecosystem.

1 billion

total fixed supply

Differs from most other SPL tokens
because it will be more than a governance token, but rather an in-game utility token to purchase and unlock metaverse features, upgrades, and assets.

Uses for PRMS:

Upgrade your enviro tiers to higher ones that are larger and comes with many more features!

Buy 3D Assets from Moduluc Marketplace
at a discounted price

Access to our partners services
like music service subscription and much more

Purchase more 3D assets and NFTs
Like high quality furniture, material and finishes, dynamic assets and more!

Payment currency of MWS
include our secure GPU cloud hosting to experience Moduluc metaverse on any devices!

... and many more!


micro-ecosystem tokenomics

Users have the ability to stake
their Parametrise collections to earn staking rewards in form PRMS token

PRMS/USDC liquidity pool
Additional PRMS rewards for those who add to the liquidity pool

Upgrade fees paid in PRMS are allocated to ecosystem development,
including employees compensation, future staking rewards and developing new products and services