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Today Apple announced updates to Final Cut Pro across Mac and iPad, offering powerful new features that help streamline workflows. Final Cut Pro now includes improvements in timeline navigation and organization, as well as new ways to simplify complex edits. The apps leverage the power-efficient performance of Apple silicon along with an all-new machine learning model for Object Tracker, and export speeds are turbocharged on Mac models powered by multiple media engines.1 Final Cut Pro for iPad brings new features to further enhance the portable Multi-Touch editing experience, including support for voiceover recording, expanded in-app content options, added color-grading presets, and workflow improvements. These updates to Final Cut Pro will be available later this month on the App Store.

New in Final Cut Pro for Mac

The latest update to Final Cut Pro for Mac offers creators new tools for simplifying complex edits and turbocharged export speeds.
Powerful Organization Tools
To ensure that creators maintain their flow while editing complex timelines, Final Cut Pro introduces automatic timeline scrolling, making it easier for users to stay focused by keeping their clips in view under the playhead during playback. Editors can dynamically adjust their timeline view during playback by using the Zoom tool or keyboard shortcuts.

This update will also allow editors to see the organization of their timeline at a glance and easily differentiate clips by assigned role, improving the experience of viewing video and audio role colors. The distinct colors also let users identify and highlight clips by role using the timeline index.
Editors can now work more efficiently than ever by quickly cleaning up complex sections of the timeline, and can fine-tune the edit by combining a selected group of overlapping connected clips into a single connected storyline. To further streamline organization, editors can also combine connected clips with existing connected storylines.
More Optimization for Apple Silicon
Video professionals often work on multiple projects at once, and with this update, exporting these projects is now faster than ever. Users can speed up H.264 and HEVC exports by automatically sending video segments to available media engines for simultaneous processing.
Object tracking now offers a wide range of possibilities for creating remarkable effects with its all-new machine-learning model. Results are improved when using Object Tracker to analyze the movement of faces and other objects on Mac computers with Apple silicon. Final Cut Pro will choose the most suitable analysis when the analysis method is set to automatic.

New in Final Cut Pro for iPad

The latest update to Final Cut Pro for iPad delivers a powerful set of tools for video creators to record, edit, finish, and share, all from one device.
New Voiceover Capabilities
Adding live audio is even more convenient with this update. Creators can easily record narration and live audio directly in the timeline using the built-in microphones or external microphones on their iPad. Users can tap record as they play their timeline, or find the exact point where they want to start a voiceover and use a countdown to start.

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